Empire Today Helped My 50 Year Old Kitchen

No photos. Low tech household. My house is old and my kitchen last remodeled in the fifties. I was dreading new flooring because I was unsure if something could be laid over what was there, or if I would have to tear everything out and start again. The estimator who came to my house was very knowledgeable and low key, which I appreciated, and it was determined that I could have laminate flooring installed. Workers were there on my first available free day and they did an excellent job installing. They were creative in finding different ways to accomodate my ancient mop boards and finding moulding to fit under my non-standard counter. My new kitchen floor and I are very happy.

Linda M., Washington

We Had A Good Experience With Empire Today

Laminate Flooring My husband and I had carpet and laminate floors installed by Empire Today and we both are very pleased. Our experience with the sales representative and the installers was a very positive experience. If we are ever in need for any of the products or services offered by Empire Today, we will not hesitate to call them. We received excellent service and their product is outstanding. The only thing that we found disturbing was that we were told that if we had one of the two installed by June 30, that we would receive the best deal. A week later, we saw one of your ads on TV, advertising 60% off and no payments till 2010, but we received 50 % off with no payments for 1 year, which is 2009. If we would have waited 1 week, we would have received a better deal than what we got. This is our only complaint.

Keyna L., Washington

Empire Today Pleased Us Greatly

I am very pleased with every aspect of Empire Today. I called one day they came out the next,gave me an estimate and suggested a way to make more savings with the order I had,they completed the credit report and handed me an agreed upon contract with in two hours,total. Two installers came out on the day agreed set-up and laid out, including a spotless clean-up, my kitchen,dining room, and living room with Laminate flooring. My house is an old house so it is not very level but they looked at it knew what to do to fix most of it and made it work. I can not be happier,I now look forward to redoing the bedrooms ”

Steven M., Washington

We Look Forward To Working With Empire Today Again

We had laminate flooring put in a couple of years ago and our salesman was Ron Patten and everything went very smoothly. We love our floor. Then this year we decided to get new carpet. Guess who showed up at our door? Ron! I was glad to see him. He does such an excellent job. We had a different request for our stairs. We wanted hardwood on the front of the stairs and carpet where you step. He made it happen and it all looks great! The installers are great too. Very professional and polite. It is such a pleasure to work with Empire. I will recommend Empire to everyone! We are looking forward to finish the carpet install (or laminate, we haven’t decided)upstairs. We also want a shower inclosure in our master bath but found out that is not available in the Great Northwest. Hopefully this can be changed. Please! Again you have a fantastic employee – Ron Patten. Looking forward to working with him again.

Colleen H., Washington

Empire Today Did A Great Job Even Around The Pressure Of The Holiday’s

We used Empire Today a couple of years ago when we replaced our carpet w/laminate wood flooring. It turned out great. The installers were fast and did a great job. We just had our family room installed w/the same laminate wood. Installers came two days before Christmas and they were done in a few hours. I would recommend Empire Today to family and friends.

Wendy N., Washington

What A Beautiful Job Empire Did

Empire Today did a beautiful job, installing laminate flooring in my living room and sewing room, laminate tile in 2 baths, and carpet in our bedroom and hall. Later they are coming back to install laminate tile in my kitchen and laminate in my husband’s den. The workers did a very efficient job, cleaned up very nicely when finished, and were friendly and helpful. Moved all my furniture with care, and left a very good impression for Empire Today. I’m thinking of having them do my new tub to shower conversion as well. Thanks to all the workers, representative and phone workers. They were all extremely helpful.

Bettie J., Washington

Empire Today Made Our Decision Making Easy

We struggled with whether to replace our carpet or have laminate flooring installed. We went with the laminate because we wanted to have a more updated look and because we expect upkeep to be simpler. We researched several retailers and products both in person and online. Empire offers beautiful products of higher quality than are available through other retailers unless one chooses to ‘special order’ which translates to ‘wait.’ The salesperson was knowledgeable, friendly, and did not try the ‘hard sale’ approach, which we appreciate.

Empire was ready to install our product next day but due to our schedule, we had it installed day after next. The installers were very polite, professional and careful with our furniture, and did an outstanding job. They left our home clean and tidy.

Our home looks beautiful and the product we selected makes our home brighter in the evening and our living space looks larger too.

We are very happy with our decision to go with Empire.

Nora S., Washington

Empire Today Was Courteous And Professional

Installers were very courteous and professional.  They worked very hard to get the install completed in a timely fashion.  Our living room looks beautiful with our new hardwood floors.  We will be using Empire again in the future.

Kerry K., Washington

Empire Today Just Installed Our New Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Empire Today just finished installing our new engineered hardwood flooring. It looks beautiful! Our experience with Empire was very good. We had an excellent salesman who went above and beyond, he was very accommodating. The installers did an excellent job! They worked hard and did a very professional job. They were very pleasant too. The whole process went very quickly. We had the free In-home estimate on a Monday. Saturday we made our decision and placed the order with the salesman and two days later they did the install on Monday and Tuesday. I would recommend Empire Today.

Shawn H., Washington

My Wife And I Are Happy We Choose Empire Today

My wife and I chose Empire to do our flooring and were very satisfied with the results. Not only was it done in a timely manner, the professionals who installed it were very courteous and polite throughout the whole process. I would definitely recommend Empire to our friends and anyone else who is shopping around for the best price and service out there!

Michael B., Washington