My Faith And Trust Has Been Instilled By Empire Today

Please let it be known, that my faith, trust, & respect is renewed with Empire Today.  My appreciation for the expeditious matter in which your sales manager, Mr. Dan Silva, satisfied my needs to rectify some issues I had with the initial installation of my beautiful laminate flooring.

Jacqueline B., Florida

I Will Be Using Empire Today Again!

I had laminate floors installed in a bedroom, closets and bathrooms. Because I was trying to match the laminate flooring in other rooms, the installers were very concerned that I be pleased with the laminate before they proceeded. They were very courteous and professional. They completed the job in one day and did a beautiful job. Everything was cleaned up before they left.

I will certainly contact Empire again when I am ready to install laminate in other rooms. Also, I would request the same two installers as I was very pleased with their work.

Carol C., Illinois

Thanks Empire Today For The Great Service




Our Flooring & Carpet Looks Incredible

My wife and I are extremely pleased and satisfied with the carpet and laminate floor we had installed in our family room. It is just beautiful and changes the whole look of the room. From our salesperson to the installers, we had top notch professional treatment and we still can’t believe that we actually did have next day service. To get anyone to adhere to a schedule these days is next to impossible! We will not hesitate in recommending EMPIRE TODAY to our family and friends! Thank you very much for the superior customer service.

Rodger K., Massachusetts

Empire Today Was A Life Changer

I had laminate flooring and carpet installed on 9/26. The installers were there timely and stayed until it was completed. My house don’t look the same. We are so very happy. I can’t wait to show off my new house. I just want people to know I love this company and the work that was performed in my home. We are planning to have more done and we will surely use Empire. Once again the installers were very kind and very professional. Thanks again and again for the great work.

Mamie M., Georgia

I Will Recommend Empire Today To Anyone Who Needs Flooring

The balance of professionalism, honesty, and friendliness of both the salesmen and the crew was very refreshing. No hard-sale at any point. Even the dog liked them! I would recommend Empire to anyone in need of flooring of any type.

Craig C., Colorado

Empire Today Is As Advertised

First I attempted to negotiate with a warehouse. I paid the $50 for an estimate, and was informed that laminate could not be installed in the entry of my house. So we went for carpeting. Every time I made a change, a new estimate had to come from Detroit. I became frustrated, and decided to try someone else.

That someone else was Empire Today (ET). As advertised, the salesman came to my door with some samples. This fellow showed me just the samples that fit my lifestyle. Contrary to the warehouse, ET could install laminate throughout my house. The two teams (one for laminate, the other for vinyl) ET sent were fast, efficient, and courteous. They didn’t balk at moving my aquarium, grandfather clock, or anything else. They were incredibly patient and helpful. When I accidently spilled Windex on the laminate (never do this!), ET patiently worked to mitigate the situation.
Would I recomment Empire Today? ABSOLUTELY! Remember: you get what you pay for!

Louie S., California

Contacted Empire Today This Morning & They Were Out This Afternoon

Just wanted to say that I am quite pleased with the entire Empire experience. I contacted Empire one day and a sale reps came to see me the same day. Went through the catalog and agreed on what was right for me. Once all was said and done the installers were at my house the next day and completed the job that same day! Now that’s what I call service!

Tony P., California

We Will Be Using Empire Today In The Future

We were very pleased with the entire experienceof buying hardwood floors from Empire. Sure – we probably paid a little more than we would if we went to Home Depot or Lowes but having used “big box” stores to remodel our kitchen – I can tell you that a few hundred extra $$$ is totally worth the ease of this transaction. The salesman was friendly, knowledgable and not pushy. The installers were wonderful! They pulled out old carpet and ripped up old hard wood and installed all new Armstrong floors and our house looks like a million bucks! Again, we mahy have paid a little more but it is worth our time to not have to sit around and wait for an estimate and then wait for contractors to (not) show up and then to have things be wrong. When we need carpet in 6 months – we’ll use Empire again!

Dana N., Tennessee

We Had A Great Experience With Empire Today

Our recent experience with sale installation was phenomenal. Russell was extremely helpful, bringing in virtually every sample he had on hand and patiently walked us through our options. He worked with us to get us a great deal on beautiful bamboo flooring. The next day, THe install team was extremely professional and thorough. The process was quick and clean. A few hours after the install, we’d noticed one of our outlet converters was missing and we called Daniel (one of the installer) to see if they’d taken it by accident. He was incredibly nice and rushed it back over (after hours). We would definitely recommend!

Mary Lue Y., California