Empire Team Goes the Extra Mile to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

We had a very good experience with Empire Today.  It started with an excellent meeting with their representative.  He was courteous, responsive to our needs, and very sharp about putting together an estimate and detailed contract.  He also made contact with us to make sure the work was being done properly. The two person team was excellent.  Not only did they do outstanding work on our wood floors, they went the extra mile to insure we were happy with the finished product.  What they did exceeded our expectations.  They spent extra time doing little things that insured the final effect would be professional looking as well as structually sound.  We really love the attention to detail.  Their parting words were check it all over and if you see anything you would like to change or improve we will do it over again. They left our place immaculate.We would not hesitate to recommend them again to our friends.The carpeting team was quick and efficient and we are also happy with their work.  The task for them was less challenging, but non-the-less well done.

-Fredrick O., WA

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