Empire Today Is As Advertised

First I attempted to negotiate with a warehouse. I paid the $50 for an estimate, and was informed that laminate could not be installed in the entry of my house. So we went for carpeting. Every time I made a change, a new estimate had to come from Detroit. I became frustrated, and decided to try someone else.

That someone else was Empire Today (ET). As advertised, the salesman came to my door with some samples. This fellow showed me just the samples that fit my lifestyle. Contrary to the warehouse, ET could install laminate throughout my house. The two teams (one for laminate, the other for vinyl) ET sent were fast, efficient, and courteous. They didn’t balk at moving my aquarium, grandfather clock, or anything else. They were incredibly patient and helpful. When I accidently spilled Windex on the laminate (never do this!), ET patiently worked to mitigate the situation.
Would I recomment Empire Today? ABSOLUTELY! Remember: you get what you pay for!

Louie S., California

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