Empire Today Did A Fantastic Job

I want to pass on a huge thank you for my beautiful wood floors in the kitchen and hallway. Absolutely beautiful, but most importantly, I had the most wonderful experience with the TOTAL experience (which I was totally scared from the very beginning and didn’t get from other sources when shopping). I seen the ad on TV and thought why not give it a try-nothing to loose so I called. From the minute I called with my request for free estimate to the final install of floor and clean-up of job(Special thanks to Mark Sullivan for the professionalism and help he provided to make my dream come true with the 1 yr. free financing) I was extremely happy. I can’t tell you how fantastic the installers (and I have had others to compare) were. David & Paul Hendricks were OUTSTANDING installers and I’m looking forward to having them install my bathrooms next year thru Empire. I will wait until they are available, they were that good – I honestly couldn’t believe how friendly, professional, clean and above all, the awesome job they did. These guys made the difference with their knowledge and care of individual needs and I plan to let their foreman know as soon as I can figure out how to contact him. Please forward as appropriate.

Valerie B., Illinois

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