Empire Today Made Our Decision Making Easy

We struggled with whether to replace our carpet or have laminate flooring installed. We went with the laminate because we wanted to have a more updated look and because we expect upkeep to be simpler. We researched several retailers and products both in person and online. Empire offers beautiful products of higher quality than are available through other retailers unless one chooses to ‘special order’ which translates to ‘wait.’ The salesperson was knowledgeable, friendly, and did not try the ‘hard sale’ approach, which we appreciate.

Empire was ready to install our product next day but due to our schedule, we had it installed day after next. The installers were very polite, professional and careful with our furniture, and did an outstanding job. They left our home clean and tidy.

Our home looks beautiful and the product we selected makes our home brighter in the evening and our living space looks larger too.

We are very happy with our decision to go with Empire.

Nora S., Washington

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