We Look Forward To Working With Empire Today Again

We had laminate flooring put in a couple of years ago and our salesman was Ron Patten and everything went very smoothly. We love our floor. Then this year we decided to get new carpet. Guess who showed up at our door? Ron! I was glad to see him. He does such an excellent job. We had a different request for our stairs. We wanted hardwood on the front of the stairs and carpet where you step. He made it happen and it all looks great! The installers are great too. Very professional and polite. It is such a pleasure to work with Empire. I will recommend Empire to everyone! We are looking forward to finish the carpet install (or laminate, we haven’t decided)upstairs. We also want a shower inclosure in our master bath but found out that is not available in the Great Northwest. Hopefully this can be changed. Please! Again you have a fantastic employee – Ron Patten. Looking forward to working with him again.

ColleenĀ H., Washington

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