Would Recommend Empire Today to Friends and Family

“I wanted to share my Empire Today experience with everyone.  We ordered some flooring from Empire Today.  The representative arrived on a Thursday and he was very knowledgeable.  We quickly settled on a style and price everyone was comfortable with.  We decided that next day installation would be best.

On Friday the contractor arrived on time and went right to work.  Everything was going well until the removal of the sub-flooring at that point we discovered an area of concern.   The installer made some recommendation which I was not comfortable with, so I contacted Empire Today.

I was contacted by an Empire Today representative with 24 hours of posting my concern.  The representative understood our concern and quickly addressed the issue.  Everything was taken care of the same day and the floor was installed wonderfully.

My wife and I are extremely happy with the product and the installation and even happier with the customer service we received.  We would recommend Empire Today to our friends and family.  Thank you.”

Raymond T., VA

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