Thanks Empire Today

The installation crew(D. Paul) that came to install my hardwood flooring were very skilled. My apartment is small and the floors were not very good in an old building, but they took the time and effort and the end results were beautiful!! My living room looks great! I am planning to have some tile laid and I will look forward to doing this again with EMPIRE TODAY! Thanks!

Brenda J., New York

Empire Today Is Quick & Accurate

I could not believe how quickly the floor was installed. Usually a date will be given and when that date comes a call is received telling you that something has happened and a new appointment must be made. Not with Empire Today. They came home the following day and completed three rooms in one day as was promised. Thank you again for the convenience of having the floor finished on time.

Phillip C., New York

Empire Today Gets An A

I am very impressed with the level of service AND quality I recieved from Empire Today. I am a very busy business owner and need things to be timely. Not only was it great that they came to me to place the order. I was still surprised that they were able to come the next day. They arrived on time and finished in a timely fashion. The quality of the product was surprising for the price. I will Empire Today them again.

Marissa K., New York

Empire Today, In-And-Out In One Day!

We had hardwood flooring installed in two bedrooms in March ’12. From the saleswoman who visited to the installers who were SO careful with our furniture, the experience was the best ever (and we’ve been in this house for 24 years!). Even when there was a discrepancy on our bill (the charges were slightly higher than what we had been quoted), it was corrected to our satisfaction. But back to the floors – they are beautiful. I have recommended Empire to several friends. In-and-out in one day, super-careful installers, and beautiful floors!

Anne J., New York